Types of Protein Powder For Women

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Many women are hesitant to start working out and drinking protein   shakes because they just want to lose weight and get thin. However, a regular exercise routine with specifically designed protein powder for women will shed those unwanted pounds and build a nice toned body that will make others envious. There are a few misconceptions and inaccuracies that should be clarified before listing some of the amazing benefits of sipping down these nutrient rich drinks after every workout.

Clearing The Misconceptions

1. High protein is not necessary.

A good diet of quality sources of this macronutrient will certainly provide numerous health benefits. Essentially, it is the building block of muscle, bones, skin, and even blood. Therefore, poor amounts will certainly lead to limiting the growth and healthiness of these significant parts of the human anatomy.

2. They are not natural.

Whey protein isolate is a byproduct of cheese development, so it is essentially separated milk components. The isolate form has one of the highest concentrations of branched-chain amino acids that are used to fuel workouts and the muscle repair afterwards.

3. They are not necessary to just lose weight.

While they are technically not necessary, the numerous benefits are quite clear. The specific list of types of protein powder for women that is provided within the article have virtually no fat; therefore, they will not produce any fatty tissue. They only give the body additional resources to help fuel and build well toned muscles while destroying fat.

The Numerous Health Benefits

The health advantages extend well beyond proving that the above misconceptions are incorrect. The following is simply an overview of the incredible components and positive effects.

– Extensive amounts of vitamins, minerals, and important nutrients, such as Vitamin C, Potassium, and Calcium. Those are used for fighting off germs and viruses, building strong bones, and much more.
– Low amounts of sugar and saturated fats. These compounds are the main causes for putting on unwanted pounds, so solid, well planned diets attempt to eliminate them as much as possible.
– Quality branched-chain amino acids. There are different types of amino acids, and these are the best for building muscle and losing weight.
– Quick and easy. Pouring into the shaker and mixing is the extent of the preparation, and with few minutes of mindless drinking, you will finish before you know it. Rinse and repeat after the next workout session. This is much more convenient than sitting down for a chicken or steak meal, and it is less calories and better for the hungry muscles after exercising.
– Small calorie count. For healthy weight loss of one to two pounds per week, it is necessary to drop at least 500 calories. With just 100 to 200 per serving, this will have little impact on that aspect.

So What Are Different Types of Protein Powder For Women?

Whey, Casein, Soy, Hemp, and Pea are all the different choices when browsing the local supplement store. Each option has certain positives and negatives associated, and the following outline will help determine the best for your personal situation.

As previously mentioned, whey is a byproduct of cheese, and it comes in multiple forms.
– Isolates have the highest concentration of protein with very little fat and lactose.
– Concentrates can have generally lower amounts of fat, but high carbohydrates and wide ranges of protein.
– Hydrolysates are marketed towards easier digestion.
This is certainly the most marketed towards losing weight and gaining muscles because experience and research has shown that they are the most effective in helping those health goals.

Casein is also created from milk, but it offers more long term anabolic, the process used in building muscle, effect over a period of hours from slower digestion. The use is generally before going to sleep to increase blood amino acids throughout the night, not after workouts. It is also great for meal replacements by providing the full feeling for longer.

Both high quality casein and whey are good supplement products to purchase. They each provide specific reasons for use that do not significantly overlap, so the regular and well planned use of both is undoubtedly beneficial for almost anyone. A nice before bedtime casein drink, and whey for after an intense workout routine.

Soy is created from the soybean, but it is also highly processed. While it is one of the most complete plant-based resources, it contains estrogen compounds, and it is linked to breast cancer in women. Therefore, moderation is certainly important but highly limiting to muscle growth. This is generally only one of the better options for vegans because they cannot drink milk products, among many other foods.

Both pea and hemp are incomplete sources from plants. Therefore, they must be combined with other sources to have significant effects. They are both very digestible from the high levels of fiber and have been linked to preventing the converting of carbohydrates to fat. However, they simply cannot provide the same advantages of the milk based alternatives.

Considering these main points, whey isolates are the widely accepted choice for most people, even those that are lactose intolerant. The simple fact of the high levels of complete proteins combined with insignificant levels of other unhealthy components indicates this the best option from the variety of types of protein powder for women.

Conclusively, whey provides amazing advantages after a long, tiresome workout for women. The small amounts of fat, sugars, carbohydrates, and other harmful components eliminate the biggest reasons for gaining weight. The significant concentration of high quality proteins help build muscle and lose weight quickly and effectively. Additionally, the various vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients will provide other incredible benefits, such as healthy skin and strong bones. Do not believe any negative hype that you may read over the Internet; scientists, researchers, health professionals and nutritionists all support the use of whey protein for women and men. The effects are universally beneficial without any significant or problematic downsides from moderate use.

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