Top 5 Fitness Tips For Women To Lose Weight

best way to lose weight for women

5 Women’s Fitness Tips To Help You Get Amazing Results

Reaching your fitness goals can seem like a complicated endeavor. Most often, there are fad diets, worthless products, and bad information that seem to get a lot of advertising. In reality they don’t work. Please women, stop wasting your money. If you want to get results you have to put in the time, the handwork and dedication. There is no easy way out.

There are several things that women can do daily that will help with weight loss, lean muscle mass and strength. Below, we list the top 5 tips that will help you ladies maximize results.

Focusing On Exercise

The first thing that is important to understand is quite simple; you have to exercise to see body composition changes. This isn’t a call to start running in the next marathon that hits your city; instead, it’s meant to help you find something that can get your body into action. Women have to not only move around daily, but there has to be a deliberate push for organized workouts. For instance, you could jump rope, jog, walk, or just about anything that is considered a sport. Make sure you find the best option that is fun for you! Everyone is different; don’t be afraid to try out different exercise! This is the most important aspect to look into because if you can find the workout routines fun, you’ll stick to them and will be more motivated for the long haul.

Protein Powder Boost

Supplementation is HUGE. So many women struggle to reach the recommend daily protein amount of 56 grams. If you lack the recommended daily dose, your results are going to be extremely hindered. To help reach the correct amount, you can buy some protein powder for women to increases your protein intake. Protein helps with muscle recovery, boosts the immune system, and helps with weight loss. It will help distribute energy and ease the issues that you’ll have with soreness starting out. You’ll find that this option is definitely one of the better routes to proceed with. Especially to assist you’re well-balanced diet. Boosting your protein intake will not only give you more energy, but it will help with your metabolic rate overall. There are many types of different protein blends on the market; I recommend whey protein for women. I believe this kind of protein will yield the best results, many of my clients would attest to that as well!

Lifting Weights

Weight lifting will not make you gain weight like a ripped man. Many women stay away from resistance exercises because they fear being bulky. That is not at all what happens with a woman’s body when working out with dumbbells and other types of resistance training. Instead, you’ll find that it will build lean, sculpted striated tissue in all the right areas. This tissue will replace fat cells and allow for good overall definition across the body. It’s within this that you’ll get that six pack you’ve always wanted, and will get toned thighs, arms, and calf muscles. You will not become a body builder if you go this route, don’t worry about this myth. We women just don’t have the capabilities for this to happen.

Using A Gym Membership

One way to ensure that you’re working out well with weight loss and fitness is to get a gym membership. Some people find that if they are paying for a membership at a gym, it will motivate them to actually use it. Money coming out of your account on a regular basis will push you towards the right direction. It’s an important thing to consider. Also, if you can’t afford a membership, look for group fitness camps, or alternatives that can help you get the same results, but without the high costs.

Sticking To A Plan of Action

Finding the motivation to stick to a plan is a tough thing to do. Millions of people try to do this on a regular basis, but they slowly lose focus and their commitment. You’ll find that you will want to chase this solution using a variety of different methods.

Here are some quick tips to help you stay motivated:

  • Tell Your Friends – one way to ensure that you stay committed is by telling your friends of your workout plans and goals. When more and more people know about your fitness goals to get healthy, you’ll find that they help you out and hold you accountable. They’ll remind you, motivate you, and even give you a bit of a shameful push when you slip up.
  • Mark Your Calendar – get a calendar and mark the days that you get exercise, and the days that you miss out. You’ll find that there is something absolutely compelling about a big red X on the days that you actually work out, and it will be one of the motivating factors that you will be able to look at on a regular basis.
  • Slowly Integrates Food Changes – if you’re struggling with food, then slowly make changes. You don’t need to turn your kitchen upside down right away, instead, take your time, and look at the options that you have in place, and slowly modify them over time. Start with your pantry and get rid of heavy fat, salty, and processed foods. Replace them with whole foods, fruits, vegetables grains, and use whey protein powder for meal replacement.
  • Reward yourself – When you’re progressing well, reward yourself with something nice like a cheat meal. Doing this once in awhile will not hurt your progress you worked so hard for. Results are based weeks of hard work, not just from one day. After all, you deserve a cheat meal after pushing yourself for so long. Make sure you set a goal and then when you meet it, give yourself a pat on the back and then set a secondary goal. Without a plan of action, you will not be able to aim at the bigger picture.

Keep Moving Forward

The biggest thing that you need to do in order to gain noticeable results is to just keep moving forward and stay consistent. If all you can do is walk 15 minutes a day, then start there. Start as soon as possible, take action, and stop putting off what you need to do physically. Keep moving forward slowly. Eventually, you will be able to jog a mile, and then even run a mile! The only way that you are guaranteed to fail is if you quit.

Achieving your fitness goals can seem long and frustrating. Think of it as climbing a steep mountain. Getting to the top of a mountain starts with 1 simple step, and it will be hard to get to the top, but once at the top all will look clear and beautiful.

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