The Benefits of Kettlebells

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Hi, my name is Sarah Hathaway. I am a certified ACE personal trainer and a grad student currently studying nutrition in California. The other day, I received a question from one of my many valuable readers. So, instead of just emailing them back, I figured I would dedicate a whole information article to help her and other women who may have the same questions!

I will be using my five years of personal training experience and academic knowledge to answer this question the best I can. If you have any other fitness related questions, please email me using the contact form and I will happily answer all of them.

 Reader Question:

Hey Sarah, I have been hearing a lot about kettleballs lately, I was just curious to find out what you think about them? My close friends say they are great. But can women use kettlebells? What are the benefits? And are they safe?

Thank you so much!


Ashley, Thank you for the question!

To start off, let me point out that women can use kettlebells! In fact, I incorporate a lot of kettlebell exercises in my clients training programs. Most of my clients love working out with kettlebells and have seen noticeable results from them.

I believe Kettlebells can be fun and really liven up your gym experience.
If you are new to the idea of kettlebells, please don’t be afraid to try them out! Below, I explain the gist of what a kettlebell is and what benefits you can get from implementing them into your gym regimen.

Kettlebell 101

Essentially, a kettlebell is a cast iron weight that provides huge body improvements such as strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility. You accomplish this by using swinging movements and motions with the kettlebells. (Basically the accelerating and releasing of the weight).

Like any gym exercise, kettlebell movements must be executed right. For a kettlebell swing to be done correctly, the inner core must be tight to support the lower back, and also to maintain good posture for injury prevention. A first time kettlebell user must be careful, I would advise assistance from a personal trainer to first get started.


The movements used in kettlebell exercise can be dangerous to those who have back or shoulder problems, or a weak core.

kettlebell swing


Work up a sweat with kettlebells movements and you can expect some of these amazing health benefits.

• Increased speed and endurance
• Fat loss
• Improved abdominals (core strength)
• Tight and lifted glutes
• Increased lean muscle mass
• Increased strength
• Greater flexibility, balance, coordination and stability
• Improved overall sports performance


Here is a great video I found showing you a killer kettlebell workout routine! This video I stumbled across includes some great exercises that I recommend.

Why not give it shot?



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Hey I'm Sarah :) I am a grad student working towards my masters degree in nutrition! I also provide personal training services on the side, which is part time while I complete my studies. I created this website so women can have a resource to go to regarding women's fitness question. I have many years of experience and am really knowledgeable in this particular field. Go to the contact page if you have any questions.