5 Simple Running Tips for Women

Running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise for women! It doesn't require a specific time commitment like attending exercise classes do, and is also a low cost form of exercise.
Running helps women to achieve their weight loss or weight maintenance goals, it helps keep the body strong which is essential to women with their busy lifestyles.
Many women tend to be under a lot of stress in today's society with trying to juggle various things such as home life and work life, plus the other myriad of things women have to do. Running is a great stress reliever and can give a woman a natural high and help to give the added energy that is so often lacking.
It also helps with high blood pressure, heart disease and many other high risk factors.
Here are 5 simple running tips that every woman runner could benefit from:

Running Tip for Women #1: Dress Comfortably
Nothing can stop a runner's enjoyment of the sport faster than being uncomfortable or in pain while running. Make sure to wear clothing that you are able to move about in easily, and 100% cotton or cotton blend clothing works well as it will soak up moisture from the body. A bra that holds the chest in place firmly but without restricting to the point of pain is essential and shoes that are specifically made for running and fit properly are the best way to get maximum results from the run.
Running Tip for Women #2: Warm Up the Muscles
The last thing you want to happen on a run is to hurt yourself; so many depend on the woman of the house to take care of things so any type of injury can really affect the household and family. One of the biggest mistakes people make when taking a run is not warming up first by doing stretches and increasing the heart a bit before the run starts, even if you are short on time make sure to take at least a few minutes to do a warm-up.
Running Tip for Women #3: Start Slow
Building up running endurance is not easy and does take some time. Make sure to start out with short runs, especially if you are not at your top physical condition and gradually work your way up to longer and more challenging runs such as up inclines. Taking it slow will also better the chances of you sticking to a running routine as you will not be pushed to the point of exhaustion or worse yet, illness.
Running Tip for Women #4: Find a Running Partner
A great way to stay focused on the running routine is by finding a running partner that can help you stay on schedule and vice versa. Women also need that quality time to talk with another woman and talking while running is a great way to socialize while also making the time go by exponentially faster!
Running Tip for Women #5: Locate a Safe Running Area
Make sure to always run where it is well lit and if possible, with people very close to the area. Also make sure to try and find an open area as opposed to a wooded area where someone with not-so-good intentions could easily hide. Safety for a woman runner is of the utmost importance.
Following these easy running tips for women will make the exercise more enjoyable and safe plus you will feel better about yourself and look great too!

Sarah Hathaway

Hey I'm Sarah :) I am a grad student working towards my masters degree in nutrition! I also provide personal training services on the side, which is part time while I complete my studies. I created this website so women can have a resource to go to regarding women's fitness question. I have many years of experience and am really knowledgeable in this particular field. Go to the contact page if you have any questions.